Thursday, November 27, 2014

New picture and second posting of the day

This is me, wrapped in my Strawberries and Pistachios quilt trying to stay warm.  This room is the coldest room in the house and if I would hook up my Wi-Fi I wouldn't have to freeze to death (also if I would bring back the space heater from my bedroom where I don't need it anymore since I turned the heat on I wouldn't be freezing to death) here in my office.  But, no, I just wrap up in a quilt and type away and play games and stay in here as long as I can stand it until I have to go to another room in the house that the heat reaches.  This room is the most poorly insulated room in my house.  It is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  You would think that all the fabric would help out with the insulation, but you would be wrong.  This picture is me reflected through my computer screen.  I thought it was pretty cool that it turned out in color since all I could see on the screen was a dark blob.  You can also tell how dirty my screen is.  It doesn't look this bad when I am on it, but when the screen goes totally black, you can see that it needs to be cleaned.  Oh, well, I am about to give up in here - toes are cold - and fix me something for lunch and try to warm up.  I may just make some potato soup.  That sounds delicious.  

BEE Newsletter for December

I hope this helps the members of my group who couldn't see the newsletter I e-mailed out.  Or the parts of it that didn't translate into real words.  I have cut and pasted everything, but have taken out the treasury amounts as it is no bodies business, but ours. 

There were 10 members and 3 guests who attended the November meeting.  Guests:  Margaret Irby and Beth Herron and her son, Peanut. 

The President, Vice-president and Secretary were all absent so treasurer; Gerrie Hollowell presided over the meeting.   No minutes were read and there is approximately (blank)  in the treasury of which (blank), is Girl Scout raffle ticket money. 

 Old Business: 

·         All tickets and raffle money must be turned in by December 6.  The raffle will be held at that time.  Two of the drawing prizes, the wall hanging and pillow were shown at the meeting.

·         Kathy and Nathalie’s retreat has a date change due to a scheduling conflict with the Girl Scout camp to February 6 – 8, 2015 at Mitre Peak.  

·         Food was brought and shared by all and it was delicious.   

New Business:

·         If you have any suggestions for programs for next year you may contact either Judy Brewer or Kathy Hassell. 

·         An updated membership list was requested.  There will be forms to fill out at the December and January meetings to assist with getting a new list together.

·         It would be helpful if we could put together some group guidelines and have them in writing for new and incoming members.

·         The next meeting will be December 6th and will be a regular work day from 9 – 3 with the meeting being held at noon. Work will be on a project of your choice.

·         Instead of having another pot luck for lunch in December, members are encouraged to bring finger foods or grazing foods, but please try not to all bring desserts.

·         There will be a Christmas block exchange.  Blocks need to be made from Christmas fabric or in Christmas colors and be 12” finished.  Wrap your block up to gift it in the exchange.  *The majority of the raffle items were made from past Christmas block exchanges so you never know how the block you make will end up. Everyone is encouraged to participate.


Show and Tell followed the meeting. 

We are in the process of coordinating calendars with the church and hope to have meeting dates for next year at the December meeting. 


 It’s that time of year again.  Dues are only $15 for an entire year of fun and fellowship and are to be paid by the January meeting.  This covers 12 monthly meetings, Saturday workdays and monthly newsletters.  The quilt-ins are an extra $10 each time (Thursday and Friday) and that money is donated to the church to help cover the cost of electricity.  Quilt-ins are held 4 to 5 times a year. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Good and the Bad of Monday.

I really want some wool felt to add to my travel sewing kit for the stocking swap (okay, for when I make the sewing kit or get around to making the sewing kit sometime this week, I would like to have some wool felt on hand to add to the kit for the pins and needles).  So, this afternoon, after watching all those shows I haven't been able to watch due to having to work, I finally (about 3 o'clock) decide to take a shower and get dressed -(okay, here again, let me clarify,  I was dressed, just not in clothes to wear out of the house, or at least out of the drive thru lane and car) - I even put on a little bit of make-up and mascara, big step for a vacation day.  My real pursuit to get out of the house is to get something to eat - see, I could have stayed dressed and in my other clothes if I was just going to go through a drive thru, but I thought I might - just might - stop in either at JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby for that wool felt and oh, yes, some Velcro.  (the list is growing)  Since I didn't go to the grocery store this morning, (vacation day) I don't have anything to throw together for lunch - or anything that sounded appetizing - I could make some scrambled eggs again, but I had that for breakfast at 7 this morning - I know I am on vacation, but the dogs, don't.  I could also eat an apple, but I wanted something more than that since it had been about 8 hours since I had eaten those eggs.  I just don't know what I want.  (this is why I decided to take a shower and get dressed since I wasn't sure where I would end up)  I kennel the dogs, re-set the alarm and head out of the house and toward Jo Ann's.  Traffic is bad. What is new?  Traffic has been bad for a couple of years with this oil boom and not looking to get any better any time soon.  So, I deal with it.  Whoa.  That guy wasn't turning onto my street, he was making a U-turn and I pulled out kind of in front of him.  What an idiot.  (him, not me)  Why is it so bad at 3: 30  oops, it's now 4 in the afternoon?  Where did the time go?  I finally make it over to Chimney Rock shopping area and the parking lots by Jo Ann's is quite full and there is a car on my tail so I have to go around the place again, but thank goodness I did because a spot opened up pretty close to the front of the store.  Whew.  Finally in the store,  I grab a cart and pull and push and pull and it's stuck so I grab a different cart and head through the store.  I know I don't need a cart for some felt and Velcro, but I am not wearing my knee brace and am using the cart for some stability in case my knee decides it is not part of my body and chooses to go it's own way - which is why I wear the brace in the first place.   I have been trying not to wear it for the last 4 or 5 days and it is doing okay, but being out in a store and having to walk a lot more on it, I wanted that cart more for peace of mind than anything else.  I find a very helpful sales clerk who takes me over to the felts and nope, no 100% wool felt here.  So, I ask about just wool fabric and we backtrack (I knock over a small bolt of batting that was behind me and I didn't even see it.  I pick it up and hurry after the sales clerk.  She pulls out a 97% blue wool suiting and I find a 100% wool in camel, but both of them (only the camel would work) are about $35.00 a yard.  That is way too pricey for me - even though I only need a little bit, I don't want to pay that price, so on to plan B.  The sales clerk guides me to the Velcro and I find what I need, thank her for her assistance as she is called up to the front check out station.  Since I am only getting the Velcro I slowly wander up to the register and I am 3rd in line behind the person checking out that my sales clerk was called up to assist and one other person.  I peruse the magazines, don't put any in my basket and it's now my turn.  My sales clerk, hmm, she must be an assistant manager or even the new manager, is reminding her register person that remnants are 75% off.  DING, DING, DING  - SALE!!!  my ears perk up and I verify with the "sales clerk" about the 75% off and turn my cart toward the remnant area.  It's mostly fleece pieces, some satin, some ugg, I am not sure what that fabric was, and "WOOOL".  100% WOOL!!  It's a nice chocolate brown, about 1 yard of it and still $35.00 a yard, but now it's 75% off of that $35.00.  A much easier price to handle.   I add it to my cart along with a nice purplish modern looking piece for a quilt and an orange chevron canvas piece to work into a bag or even in this sewing kit. It's starting to shape up.  This is going to be more money than what I wanted to spend, but at least I have the two items on my list, kind of.  Wool felt (after I felt it) and Velcro.  She rings up the wool and wow!  it's on sale for $10 off the original price plus the 75% .  All the fabrics are off their original prices and then the deep discount.  She rings everything up and tells me my total - major drum roll here - $9.05.  WHAAT>?>????  Did I hear that right?  yep, $9.05.  Less than ten dollars.  I saved $45.82 according to my ticket.  I looked it over and along with the remnants and their major deep discounts, I also got a 20% off the entire transaction which was more than the Velcro  - making it totally free!!  What a great day!!  So, glad I went to all the trouble to shower and get dressed. 

That was the good part,  I am feeling good, driving slowly through the parking area making sure I let the pedestrians have the right of way and watching out for those drivers when a lady, talking on her phone, doesn't even come to a slow roll before she pulls out in front of me turning to go opposite from me.  She is coming off of a row and I technically have the right of way.  She would have been the one ticketed if they gave tickets on private property - which is rare - I am so glad that I was watching out for idiot drivers and my car is all in one piece.  She never even looked either way and kept on talking on her phone.  If you drive in Odessa, you have to keep watch for all the idiots out there that drive distracted, by either talking on the phone, texting, smoking or whatever else they are doing.   It's a crazy time in this town. 

That was the bad part - I ran through Panda Express for my lunch/dinner meal and ate almost all of it.  (that is not usually the case, but by this time it had been 9 or 10 hours since I had eaten anything and was really hungry.  Since I don't have leftovers, I guess I am getting up early tomorrow and going to the grocery store.  All in all a good first official day of vacation.  Now that it's almost 1 in the morning, I am getting hungry again.  sigh.  I guess I will go to bed before my stomach growls any louder and I can't get to sleep.  LOL 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stocking Swap Check In

WHEW!!!!  Hopefully the rest of you have been hard at work on your Stocking Swap.  I only have one more item to make - the travel sewing kit - why did I add that one in this year???  Oh, yes, because I desperately need one.  My zip tab bag is just not the correct image for a quilter.  I need something a bit more . . . quilted . . . snazzy . . . edgier. . . (did I spell that one right?  It doesn't look right) . . . less plastic-y.  Yep, that is why I added that into the mix this year.  A travel sewing kit.  Hmmm.  I am going to google (again) for some ideas on what I want to make for this.  Since I am off the entire week of Thanksgiving (YEA ME!!) I plan on getting this item made and everything finalized. 

How about you?  Do you have the majority of the items made?  If you are participating this year, give me a shout out either on here or my e-mail and let me know.  If you shout out here - it will go to my e-mail also.  It's almost time to swap!   I need to know who all is joining in on the fun by December 1st.  I will put all the names in a hopper and draw them out, send you the name of the person you are to send to (and address, etc.) then between December 13 and 15th you need to either mail or deliver your package. 

It's always fun to get this box of goodies - either by mail or in person depending on who and where your swap person lives.    It's fun to see what the other person made and what fabrics they used.   What their favorite book is or what kind of mug - remember that one from back in January?  I made several mug rugs so I need to decide which one I am going to package up and give away.  I can't wait to see what comes my way. 

So, as I write this, I am trying to figure out several things . . . 1.)  Do we (me and you and you and you) want to do something next year?  (I usually only do the Stocking swap in even number years)   If so, 2.) what do we (see above reference) want to do?  Would you be interested in doing a swap of items - just not as long or as intense as the Stocking swap?  Hmm.  Send another shout out!!! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

An Extra Posting Found!!

just saw this one left in the bin as a draft.  So, two in one night is great! 
I ran across a jelly roll of this wonderful fabric and just had to have it.  It is another design by Michele D'Amato.  (My black jelly roll quilt is from fabric by her, also)  My students didn't want to be in the picture, but this one just couldn't figure out how to hold the quilt and not be in there.  I told him I would delete him out, but I didn't do it.  LOL  He will just have to be in the picture.  I thought I wanted to applique something - a flower or leaf - on here, but my mother repeatedly made comments about how beautiful the fabric was and if I was going to do something, then maybe I should do an outline of a flower.  That way more of the beautiful fabric would show up.  This one is all in browns from espresso to cream.  I did a small light border, a larger leaf print border and then added a small border of dot fabric.  This is the first quilt I have made where the outside border is the smallest or equal to the smallest border.  Apparently this was all the rage in Arkansas last year.  I will definitely do this again on another quilt.
Anytime I go to the Country Store in Lovington, NM or see them out at quilt shows, I am compelled to purchase their brown bag specials.   What is a brown bag special?  It is, of course, a brown bag filled with 6 different fat quarters.  You don't know what you are getting, but just that you are getting 6 fat quarters.  Oh, yes, the good part is, they only cost $5.00!!!  What a bargain!  I can't pass this up.  Last year on the shop hop I challenged everyone in my group to purchase a bag and make something using only the fat quarters found in the bag.  Below is my little project.  I knew they kind of went together, but was worried about the turquoise and the floral print clashing too much.  By cutting up the floral fabric into smaller chunks and putting the turquoise between two other prints, I think I have neutralized them enough that now they go together.  I would like to add some borders, etc. but for that I will have to get some more fabric of some kind.  Since I waited a year to get this one together - I made the square in a square pretty quickly after I brought the bag home - I guess it can wait around a little bit longer until I decide what - and what fabrics - I want to add to it.  

I got bored one day and picked up my box of 1 1/2" blocks and started sewing them together.  When I got it to a size I was happy with, I pressed it all out and saw a 2 1/2" strip that had come as a "sucker" from the latest shop hop so I sewed that all around, trimmed it up a bit and put it on the wall.  In the next few days I decided that it needed something else.  I pulled out another box of blocks - I think these were about 3 or 3 1/2".  Sewed and added them as borders. put another 2 1/2" strip around it all and called it good.  Put it on the design wall and walked away.   Then I got the great idea to turn it on point.  Pulled out the 5" squares, put a 3" border around and yep, I am liking how this is turning out.  Stay tuned and we will see where else this one goes.

one last note - at retreat I was looking at what one of my friends was working on and was surprised to see she was quilting this little beauty.  It's my Divide and Conquer pattern.  That was a pleasant surprise.  She is going to add the red/hot pink strip as binding and was showing it to me when I commented on the quilt.  It's beautiful!!  So much fun to see your patterns made up by someone else. 

Paintings and Kaffe Blocks

Life has been very busy and I haven't had time to take pictures and get on here to show you what has been keeping me busy.  Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a private Wine and Canvas party where we painted the picture below of what I call Tata's and Tutu on a Hanger.  I think I made the boobs way too big, but that is real life for me.  I wasn't really impressed until I took it off the easel and thought, this isn't as bad as I thought it was. 
It is sitting on top of a shelving unit along with another private party Wine and Canvas I did back in May.  I don't know if I posted it on here or not, so please bear with me if this is a repeat.  This one is Paisleys and Posies.  They were fun to make and I really want to make many, many more in the future.  

Here they are together with all the stuff that adorns the top of that shelf right now. 

I have been doing a bit more than painting this past week.  I also put together the blocks for my KFC Exchange Group blocks for October.  This one is called Mrs. Lacey's Choice and was a lot of fun selecting the fabrics to use in this fun block.  I love the way the fabrics work together to create the patterns.  I can't wait to see more of these blocks put together. 

I don't think I posted last months KFC blocks so here they are.  Ignore the ugly carpet, but I had forgotten to take the picture of them on the design wall and had to quickly take one to post on the group page. 

The cold front is blowing in so it's time for me to get in a nice warm bed.  I will soon try to post the other things I have worked on during my little bit of down time, retreats and just playing around. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

My Week - Utter Chaos

Okay, I just deleted a long and rambling account of my crazy (or as I like to call it, because it was super crazy, - my cra-crazy day).  I was reading it over and making sure it all made sense and thought, nope!  you don't really want to hear all the nonsense and stuff that went on today - tea spilling all over my desk and floor and papers - students wanting stuff from me right and left - how do mom's do it?  Oh, yes, they only have 3 or 4 kids wanting things all at once, not 15-20.  I swear, I think they all got together and decided to ask questions all at once.  I even threatened to scream at one time and a student told me to do it.  I didn't this time, but I have before.  It gets their attention and makes them realize they are driving me crazy.  I had about 60 work related e-mails all wanting me to send something, fill out something or just post something.  Some even wanted me to do some things next week!!  Then there was a fire drill!  (our second one in two weeks.  Are we going to have one every week?)  How do they expect me to teach these two dual credit courses in the 15 week semester we have before Christmas and get everything else we do in there done?  I only have 13 weeks left and I haven't even started the course work yet.  It's a good thing some of this was taught in last years classes and I can just re-fresh their memory on part of it.  I hope they retained it! 

When a sub walked into my kitchen to get some ice about 2:45 this afternoon, I was talking to a maintenance man about my pilot lights (that is a totally different story from earlier this week), while I was trying to get the tea in my room cleaned up, get the students papers turned in, the video re-wound - the machine kept kicking it back out, the mop washed out, the pantry stuff put away, the food out of the fridge, lids for the coffee/cocoa cups for the kids,  and everything else done in that last few minutes before the students left, because I had to leave within a few minutes after them to go downtown to turn in some paperwork, I just had to laugh. 

Okay, I know I told you I wasn't going to tell you all of what happened and I didn't.  Truly.  This was just a little bit of the chaos that happened today.  I didn't even leave school when I planned, but did make it downtown to turn in the paperwork before the end of the day.  However, leaving the building, the heavens opened up and poured.  Yep, that about sums up the kind of day it was.  Actually that was just a part of how the entire week went.  I hope next week goes much smoother. 

On the bright side, I did manage to make another chicken pin cushion and a little bag from just playing around in the studio.  I hope to spend several hours in there this weekend de-stressing from this past week.  That is after I roast the 25 pounds of Hatch green chili's I got at Bountiful Baskets tonight.  What was I thinking????? Anyone want a pound or 5 of green chili's?